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the knowledge process
My illustration of Ikujiro Nonaka’s four knowledge creation patterns in “The Knowledge-Creating Company

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4th Edition of ‘Software Architecture in Practice’ has been released

The 4th edition of the seminal book ‘Software Architecture in Practice’ has been released. You can get your copy here: https://www.informit.com/store/software-architecture-in-practice-9780136886099 The book’s focus is on the practice of software architecture – that is what’s needed to reason about the system – such as information, process, and people. It is a worthwhile investment – obviously…

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Asking good questions

My PhD supervisor told me (many moons ago): “Once you know the right question, then the answer is obvious”. Of course, the real trick is to find the right questions without limiting yourself to what you already know; or think you know. Pohlman & Thomas describes a simple matrix of four types of questions to help…… Continue reading Asking good questions

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Context is what gives meaning to what we say and do. It forms the basis for all of our decisions. Or as Diana Montalion eloquently expressed it: In The Lord of the Rings, Frodo’s journey to destroy the ring is meaningful inside the context of Middle Earth. Otherwise, he’s a short, hairy guy with apocalyptic…

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